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Successful launch of our new carbon literacy programme

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Last term we launched our new carbon literacy programme for primary schools. Volunteers from a range of backgrounds visited ten primary schools across Wandsworth, Lambeth, Merton and Westminster to deliver a programme of workshops about climate science and carbon literacy to 428 students, all with a focus on supporting students to take practical action on climate change.

The programme was met with curiosity and enthusiasm by the children. Many of them have heard about climate change in the news but haven’t had the chance to learn about it in depth, ask questions, and fully explore the topic. It taught them new information and also inspired them to take action. In the words of participating students: ‘I enjoyed it because it inspired me to do more things to help climate change. It was all amazing.’ And: ‘I would rate the programme 1,000,000,000 out of 5 if I could!’

The stats were also positive: 92% of students said the programme helped them to understand about the carbon footprint of their travel and food and 61% of students said they were likely or very likely to help their family reduce their footprint.

And schools loved it too. Monica Kitchlew Wilson, headteacher at Furzedown Primary School in Wandsworth, said she ‘would recommend that all children have the opportunity to take part in this carefully constructed and relevant programme.’ Ella O’Brien, science lead at St. Mary of the Angels Catholic Primary School in Westminster said ‘Ofsted were intrigued and impressed with the opportunities it gave children to deepen their understanding of the world. It gave the school a broader curriculum.’

And it wasn’t just the children and schools who appreciated the learning; the volunteers got a lot out of it too. Chris, a scientist at Imperial College London said: ‘I was able to see another side to myself that I don’t get to utilise in my everyday job – so I learned a lot too.’

What next? We’re expanding our work to reach more schools each term. Sign up to our newsletter for the latest news!

Chris at Sacred Heart Primary in Battersea

Suzanne at Furzedown Primary in Wandsworth

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