Your school can help tackle climate change

Climate Ed is a charity offering free education to children about climate change and carbon literacy

We offer free climate workshops
in primary schools.


Our workshop programme looks at climate change in depth. It consists of five one-hour workshops, suitable for Year 5 or 6. It doesn't matter if your students are new to climate change or not; we guide them through the key things they need to know.


In the programme students learn about climate science in detail, then they learn about carbon literacy. They have a go at measuring their carbon footprints, as well as those of their teachers and families. We also give them fun, simple, practical ideas to help their family reduce their footprint.

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Questions we'll answer and discuss


  • What is a carbon footprint and how can we measure it?

  • Which has a bigger impact on climate change, a banana or an ice cream?

  • Could London really go underwater?

Meet some of our workshop volunteers

Climate Ed takes the safeguarding of the children it works with, and of its staff and volunteers, extremely seriously. All volunteers are thoroughly vetted and require a DBS check. Full details of our safeguarding policy can be found here.

Global carbon footprints

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Teaching the next generation to value resources and see opportunities rather than being wasteful is a great way to help everyone feel empowered to make a difference.

Radha Daniel, Sustanability Consultant and Climate Ed Volunteer

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