Our Story

Climate Ed was set up in November 2018. We began running workshops in schools around Lambeth, Wandsworth and Merton and we received a start-up grant from the Stephen Tindale Climate Answers charity. Then we began expanding to work with more schools and delivering workshops in partnership with Lambeth Council.


Our mission is to teach children about climate change and inspire them to take action. Climate change poses a serious threat to human life on earth. As the UK government states in Goal 13 of the Sustainable Development Goals, we need to 'take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts.'


A central part of addressing this challenge is the need to raise a new generation who are educated about climate science and empowered to take social action.

Research shows:

- Climate change is the top environmental issue young people are concerned about. (YouGov Survey 2018).

- 81% of secondary school pupils in England want their school to do more to support them to participate in social action. (Ipsos MORI (2015) Schools Omnibus Survey)

- Participation in social action helps young people to develop character qualities like empathy, cooperation, resilience, problem-solving and sense of community. (Behavioural Insights Team (2016) Evaluating Youth Social Action