Volunteer with us

Do you want to inspire children to get engaged in the fight against climate change? Then sign up to become a Climate Ed ambassador!


If you become an ambassador, you’ll play a crucial role in helping Climate Ed work at the forefront of climate change education. We are a fun team and provide full training and support.

What you'll bring

As a volunteer-led organisation, the ambassadors are at the core of the charity and its mission. As an ambassador, you’ll be the face of the cause, so the key characteristics we’re looking for are: 

  • An interest in climate change. 

  • A passion for sharing your knowledge with others. 

  • The ability to engage children and answer their questions. 

  • A drive to motivate the next generation to take action and build themselves a bright future.


What we offer

  • A chance to develop public speaking skills and gain facilitation experience. 

  • The opportunity to play a vital role in helping to improve understanding of climate change. 

  • A chance to take real action by addressing the major issue of the 21st century. 


When you sign up, you'll receive:

  • Full Climate Ed assembly resources 

  • Online training and support 

  • Introductions to schools who want to deliver the programme

  • Guidance about climate science and communication skills 

  • An application for a DBS certificate on your behalf

As a resident of Wandsworth, Climate Ed offers me a fantastic opportunity to help empower the younger generations in my own community to be the positive catalysts for change and inspire them to pursue careers that could help unlock innovative scientific and social solutions to the climate crisis in the future.

Chris Waite, Volunteer