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Corporate Partnerships

Becoming a partner with Climate Ed gives you the opportunity to engage with and support your local community, express your sustainability values in the place where your employees live and work, and reach out to new audiences.

By making high quality climate learning and action available to every child in the UK, together we can help children find their voice and take action on climate change, uplifting those who will be most affected by environmental injustices.

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Climate change is the greatest challenge our planet faces. ‘Extreme weather events’ and ‘critical change to Earth systems’ are listed as the number one and two global risks over the next 10 years, according to the WEF Global Risk Report 2024. Climate change will be the defining issue for our current young generation. 

There is a growing demand for high-quality climate education among young people. 8 in 10 (81%) children said they wanted to do more to look after the environment and a report in the Lancet shows 60% of UK children feel anxious about climate change, 55% feel angry and only 24% feel optimistic.

Yet, climate change is not on the primary school national curriculum and teacher training in this area is limited, with fewer than half of teachers participating in formal professional development related to climate change and sustainability.

Climate Ed is meeting this challenge by providing an inspirational in-school learning experience for children aged 9-11. We are unique in delivering our programme through our trained volunteer network of passionate, knowledgeable and committed climate experts, and offering it free of charge to schools.

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  • Give a Gift
    Your donation can help us deliver our essential work. For example: £350 enables us to deliver... climate change learning to one cohort of primary school children £1,000 enables us to deliver... climate change learning to three cohorts of primary school children £10,000 enables us to deliver...climate change learning to a borough, town or small city - approximately 30 cohorts £30,000 could help us expand our programme to a new city, bringing our expertise to communities that don't have climate change education in schools
  • Staff Volunteering
    You can give your staff a meaningful and challenging volunteering opportunity in your local community. Climate Ed offer opportunities for a select number of staff to engage children in schools in the climate crisis. With training and support from Climate Ed, your staff can go into schools to deliver our five-module training programme, educating Year 5 and 6 children and inspiring them to take action. This is approximately a 15-hour commitment spread over minimum 6 weeks. Elevated volunteering opportunities such as these can work well alongside other professional development as participants can develop leadership, public speaking, advocacy and engagement skills, and there is time between activities to allow for reflection and action learning.
  • Strategic Partnerships
    You could partner with us to evolve our charity and grow your brand. Climate Ed build partnerships that support our organisation to grow and help you business deepen their connection to climate change and your community. Priorities for us evolve, but at present we would like to work with businesses to: Develop climate change digital resources to support educators and evolve the climate learning landscape for primary pupils. Support Climate Ed’s growth into a new city, helping us to set up local expertise and networks and engage with schools and volunteers in places of significance to us both. Secure a wide-spread and sustainable Climate Ed presence in London by supporting hard-to-fund schools/boroughs.

To discuss ways that we might work together, please get in touch with our Development Manager Abi Jermain on

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